About Me

Hi, I Am Sherry

Motherhood is a beautiful journey but it also comes with its set of challenge. When I became a mom, I realized I had to grow as a person first before I could attempt to raise this beautiful human beings that call me mom. That’s how my personal development journey begun. 

I had a lot of emotions I needed to face before I could tell my girls it’s ok to be sad, angry, happy, and even in love. It took a while, but I finally feel that I’m a place where I am happy with who I was, who I am, and who I’m becoming for the future. 

This blog covers not just my personal journey as a mom and wife, but my journey to discover and love myself unconditionally. Every bit of myself, including my relationship with myself, other, food, money, and nature.

What I Do to ensure you have an easy Parenting Journey?

Whether you are a new parent or an experienced parent, each child is unique so you need to be equipped to handle their needs. I combine my parenting and child psychoogy experience to help you email sane and enjoy this challenging yet fulfilling journey. I mostly cover: