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Best Quick Dry Towel for Swimming With Great Absorption

During the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, two questions rose on top of Google searches. Why do divers shower after every dive, and why do they use those tiny towels? The answer to both questions, according to diving coach, Jacob Brehmer, is warmth. In general, divers and swimmers need to keep warm and dry before the next dive for safety and performance purposes.

In other words, not every towel will work for swimming. Swimmers need a fast-drying towel to dry them off fast and keep the body warm every time they come out of the pool, which can be several times a day. The best quick dry towel for swimming is highly absorbent, light, incredibly portable, and soft on your skin.

Wondering where to get that kind of towel? Worry not, as we have a roundup of the best quick dry towels Amazon has to offer right now.

6 of The Best Quick Dry Towel for Swimming Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Rainleaf Quick Drying Microfiber Beach Towel

Super-absorbentThe towel is not colorfast, The color continues to run even after several washes.
Dries 3x faster than regular towels
Very large but Compact and lightweight
100% recycled material
Extremely soft on your skin

This Rainleaf microfiber towel is the highest-rated quick-dry towel on Amazon at the moment. The high-quality microfiber towel is available in multiple sizes, which are all ultra-compact and easy to travel with. Thanks to its fantastic sewing, you can expect the towel to serve you for a long time without threading off.

What stands out about the Rainleaf microfiber towel, though, is how absorbent it is. It can absorb up to 5 times its weight and still manage to dry up pretty fast. This is the towel you want if you jump in water several times a day. Less than two hours in the sun, and you have yourself a completely dry towel.

As for the feel on your skin, the towel has a rubbery texture that tends to hold onto your skin and absorb all the water before letting go. Rainleaf microfiber towels are also sand–repellent and machine-washable.

2. Best Budget: Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

100% ring-spun cotton
Soft, fluffy, and quick drying
Large size and available in multiple colors
Highly absorbent, yet very lightweight

If value for money is a priority, it doesn’t get better than these four-pack cabana stripe beach towels. And as one customer said, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find just how thick and soft these towels are. Each of them measures 30 by 60 inches which is ample coverage, not to mention comfortable lounging.

Utopia cabana stripe swim towels are 100% cotton and possess excellent breathable characteristics. They are soft, fluffy, and incredibly absorbent, which is what you want after a long swim. Surprisingly, they are quick-drying too, and will serve the purpose if you want to hit the water multiple times.

Utopia 4-pack quick dry towels come in different bright colors and stripes, so it’s easy to spot yours from afar. However, you can also buy a pack with only one color if multi-colored things are not your cup of tea. For best results, wash the towels first before using them the first time to get rid of the lint and other factory chemicals.

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3. Best Runner up: Wolfyok 2 Pack Microfiber Travel Sports Swim Towels

Made of high-quality premium microfiber
Lightweight and compact
Designed to be quick-drying and highly absorbent
Includes mini towel and carry bag
Available in vibrant colors

The Wolfyok Microfiber travel sports towel takes the lead as the best all-around microfibre towel. The two-pack has one large 58×30” towel great for swimming and a smaller 24×16” face towel you can take to the gym. The big towel is only 8 oz and easily folds down to a compact 8×3″ for convenience and space-saving.

These towels are made of premium microfiber, known for its quick-drying and super absorbent capabilities. They are soft on your skin, easy to wash, and you can use the towel several times a day and still expect the same moisture-wicking properties. According to one customer, this towel will replace your bath towel because of how soft and comfortable it is, not to mention it’s better at drying your body.

The best part is, this package comes in a drawstring bag where you can easily pack them for travel. The towels have a loop you can use to hang them between dives for fast drying.

4. Best Under $20: TYR Dryoff Sport Towel

It’s tiny in size and super compact when folded
It dries quite fast
Extremely absorbent
Soft and gentle on your skin
Made of a premium mix of polyester and polyamide
It comes in many different colors and a plastic storage case

If you’ve ever seen divers during practice or in competition, they quickly wipe themselves down with a small towel, also known as a swimmers shammy. This TYR Dryoff sport towel is that kind of towel and it works like a wonder. It has a rubber texture and dries almost instantly, so you can use it over and over again within a very short period.

Like us, many other customers were astounded that such a tiny towel could hold so much water. Gently wring the water out after wiping yourself, and it will be ready for round two in less than thirty minutes. The rubbery texture takes some getting used to, but it feels good on your skin when you get over that feeling.

The TYR Dryoff Sport Towel is available in two sizes, and you want to pick the larger one (26×17″) because the other one is too small. It will come with a plastic storage case, where you want to leave it every day. Because of the towel’s texture, the plastic container will ensure it remains soft and shapely.

5. Best for Beach and Travel: Dock & Bay Beach Towel

Lightweight and compact but large
Soft, smooth material that’s gentle on your skin
Comes with a cute travel pouch to store the towel and other personal items
Thin, quick-drying, and highly absorbent
Available in 6 stunning colors

Like swimming in the ocean, but the sand pisses you off? This Dock & Bay beach towel is a sand-proof, quick-drying option that you can take to any beach. The polyester-blend towel feels more like a shammy than a cotton towel, and it is large enough to wrap yourself up or spread on the beach to lie down.

The mix of polyester and polyamide makes this towel lightweight, compact and quick drying. It packs tightly into the included hand pouch and doesn’t take up any valuable space. The towel is also quite absorbent, and it dries 3 times faster than your standard bath towel. For best results, pat yourself dry instead of rubbing your skin, and then hang the towel in a warm, dry place.

So, next time you fancy a swim on the beach, consider this Dock & Bay Beach Towel. As one customer says, yes, it does everything it claims to do. Quick-dry, absorbent, sand repellent, and soft on your skin. What more could you ask for?

6. Best Alternative: Nova Blue Pineapple Beach Towel

Unique, vibrant colors and tropical pineapple design
100% cotton, 400 GSM, and reversible
Incredibly soft and absorbent
Large size to give you full coverage
Lightweight, thin, and compact enough to make it the best travel companion

If you are like most people, the rubbery or rigid feel of microfiber towels doesn’t really make you happy. Sometimes you want something cozy, soft, and warm like this Nova Blue Pineapple Beach Towel. It is 100% cotton and feels like a bunny on your skin. The towels are also large enough so you can wrap yourself up after a cold swim and get some warmth.

Nova Blue Pineapple Beach Towels are reversible and versatile. One side is plush velour for maximum comfort and absorption, while the other is loop terry. The 400 GSM weight of this beach towel means it’s very lightweight and can be folded or rolled up into a very compact size. It also means the towel dries pretty quickly, and you won’t have to deal with water weight and musty smells.

But above all else, this quick-drying towel will stand out at the beach, thanks to the bright tropical design and colors. It is easy to maintain and very durable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing your swim towel often.

What to Check While buying the Best Quick Dry Towel for Swimming

Today, we have microfiber, cotton, and even synthetic rubber towels. Towels have also been infused with antimicrobial substances to ensure they don’t harbor harmful bacteria and pathogens. Whatever material you choose, though, here are three crucial features you should look for in your swim towel.

1. Absorbency

When you get out of a pool, you want a towel that will quickly draw the moisture from your body so you can be warm and ready for the next round. Generally speaking, cotton towels are the best when it comes to absorbency. Unfortunately, they absorb the water from your body and retain it, therefore taking a long time to dry. The best alternative that professional divers and swimmers use is microfiber or chamois towels.

Chamois, also known as shammy towels, are made of a rubbery material that pulls moisture from your skin and draws it to the towel’s exterior. This makes it easier for the water to evaporate, so the towel dries pretty fast.

On the other hand, microfiber towels are made of a mix of polyester and another material to make a lightweight, quick-dry, and absorbent fabric. Unlike shammys, microfiber towels made today are soft on your skin, and they don’t feel uncomfortable. They are also large, so you can wrap yourself up for warmth.

2. Bacteria and Odor Resistant

Wet towels are the perfect habitat for microorganisms, which can lead to really unpleasant odors. If you require multiple uses out of a towel in a day, it may not have time to dry or get washed. Thankfully, today you can find towels made of fibers that discourage the growth of microorganisms, resulting in a fresh towel every day.

The alternative to buying an antibacterial/antimicrobial towel is to invest in a quick-dry towel for swimmers. Because it dries quickly, the likelihood of microorganisms thriving on the towel is low. However, this will only work if you can afford to give it a few hours to dry every day or between dives.

Best Quick Dry Towel for Swimming FAQ

1. What are the most durable swimming towels?

Chamois towels are hands down the most durable swimming towels, especially if you need to wash them regularly. With proper care, these towels can last a long time without losing their high absorbency and quick-drying properties.

If the rubbery feel of shammies is not your cup of tea, go for 100% cotton towels instead. Cotton is very high quality and can last a long time. If you buy antimicrobial cotton towels that repel microorganisms, you won’t have to wash the towels that often.

2. How do you take care of a swimming towel?

The care and maintenance of a towel depending on the material and its use. For example, chamois towels need to be kept a bit moist in the plastic container at all times. You must also wash them by hand often and avoid all sorts of chemicals and detergents.

On the other hand, you should always hang cotton and microfiber towels in a warm, dry place so they can dry before storage. Storing them with even the slightest moisture will only encourage microorganisms and odor development. And while you can machine wash these towels, refrain from doing it often because that will compromise their quality.

3. Do I really need a special swim towel?

If you have a swimming pool at home where you can swim and then throw your towel in the wash after, a swim towel may not be necessary. However, professional swimmers who travel often need a special swim towel for several reasons. First, you need a quick-drying travel towel that will not make your bag or locker smell like a funeral home. Second, swim towels are lightweight and extremely compact, so travel won’t be an issue. Lastly, special swim towels provide excellent absorbency so you can dry up quickly and stay warm between swims.

4. What makes a great swim towel?

The best swim towels have three things in common- high absorbency, quick-drying ability, and light fabric. Depending on whether you also want a soft and cozy towel, you can choose between a 100% cotton towel and a microfiber one. In most cases, though, professional divers and swimmers go for chamois towels because they tick all three boxes and sacrifice comfort.

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