6 Simple Ways to Get Free Baby Stuff

The USDA has reported that on average, a middle-income family spends about $12,000 on baby-related expenses before their baby’s first birthday!

That’s a lot of doh!

With all the baby expenses coming your way, having some freebies will take some financial pressure off your shoulders. Luckily, there are tons of ways to get freebies, and today’s list gives you five of the best methods to use.

1.      Samples Avenue

Besides the month by month guide on what to expect when you are expecting, samples avenue will put you on a registry where you can expect coupons, discounts, and free baby stuff! By Joining the 2.      Amazon baby registry welcome box

Amazon Prime members can easily score a Baby Registry Welcome Box full of baby necessities. Your welcome box can come with diapers, toys, bottles, wipes, and so much more. The first step is creating an Amazon baby registry and add items to your baby registry list. Your registry list must reach the minimum of $10 threshold. You can purchase anything with the $10 as long as it’s on your registry. Once your items are shipped, you will notice a “check status” at the top of your Amazon Baby Registry. Click the “Claim Now” button.

3.     Baby stuff from friends and Family

Do you know anyone who has kids? Surprise! Surprise! They could be holding on to old baby stuff waiting to give it to someone who needs it. Don’t hesitate to ask them to send their best stuff your way.  You can get some high-quality clothes, toys, and utensils and even strollers and cribs. But you have to ask first. These will save you tons of cash you would have spent had you not asked your friends and family to send some stuff your way.

4.      Ask your nurse and pediatrician

Before you leave the hospital, ask the nurse to send you off with some free baby formula, diapers, and other freebies. Hospitals have tons of free baby stuff they could share, but moms get none of it because they don’t ask. When you visit your pediatrician for a checkup, always ask them for some freebies. You would be surprised at how much you can save with free formula, supplements, and even diapers.

5.      Get your hands on coupons

Online stores usually include coupons codes that can get you free baby items. If you don’t get free baby stuff, you can be sure to get some free gifts with purchase every once in a while. The coupons are available in the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts so keep your eyes on them.

6.      Organize a baby shower

Friends and family are always excited when a new member is joining your family. Don’t hesitate to ask one of them to throw you a baby shower and invite everyone else. You can be sure to get some free stuff as people come to celebrate with you.

Most moms fail to get free baby stuff because they are embarrassed to ask. Don’t be, instead take advantage of every help you can get. It’s a smart way to save cash, so you have more to spread on other items.

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