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The Best Non-toxic Baby Feeding Utensils: All Essentials Needed

“I want to use the best non-toxic baby feeding utensils,” a friend told me. Her baby was about to start solids, so searching for the best items this early made sense. Thanks to the FDA, product manufacturers must ensure BPA or other harmful chemicals don’t sip into their finished baby items. They have to follow stringent rules, making their products some of the best non-toxic baby feeding utensils. 

But, that doesn’t mean you, just like my friend, won’t have to hunt through the plethora of products out there just to pick a spoon. Lucky for you, we did some digging and found the best non-toxic spoons and plates for your child. 

This article may contain some affiliate links, which means I could be compensated, at NO extra cost to you, if you decide to buy any of these products. I only recommend products I would use myself. 

Best non-toxic baby feeding utensils

1. Best Overall: Baby Bamboo Suction Plate, Bowl, and Spoon Set

This bamboo set comes with one divided bamboo plate, a bowl, and a matching spoon. 

We all know how babies love to push their cutlery off the feeding table, making the suction base a lifesaver. The base is small enough so your little one can’t reach and remove it, yet big enough to fit the bowls perfectly.

The plate measures around 7 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in height to hold a full meal for your toddler. The divided bowl measures 1.5 by 2.5 inches and can hold enough for little munchkins learning to eat.

The spoon is perfect for little hands so your little angel can easily hold it but it’s still large enough to prevent choking. 

For the set to serve you longer, avoid microwaves and don’t throw it in the dishwasher with the rest of your cutlery. 

2. Best Bamboo Alternatives: Bamboo Baby Toddler Monkey Suction Plate

This cute single plate looks like a happy monkey which is fascinating for your little one. It also comes with a suction base in different colors, so pick what’s best for your little one.

The plate is lightweight, so your toddler can carry it back to the kitchen sink when they are done eating. It is also large enough to prevent food spillage and is designed such that what doesn’t end up in the baby’s mouth should fall back on the plate.

Though stains are normal with wooden baby utensils, this cute bad boy is strain-resistant. Like other bamboo products, a little oil application will help it last longer.

It’s best recommended for picky eaters as the fun shape will have them looking forward to mealtimes. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself using this plate each time you need to feed your baby.

This monkey-shaped plate comes with matching spoons, but unfortunately, they are sold separately. 

3. Best Silicone – Baby to Toddler Silicone Suction Plates

I love that this set is made from 100% food-grade silicone.

The plate has a suction base to prevent sliding and flipping over. However, you may need to add a little water to the base, so it performs better. 

It is divided into portions which is great if you plan on letting your baby feed themselves. Your little one can simply decide what to eat first from the different plate sections, which is fun. 

That’s not all. The plate has straight edges. Thus, all the food that doesn’t end up in your child’s mouth will likely end up back on the plate. This reduced mealtime mess. 

It’s easy to clean as you can throw it into the dishwasher. For sterilization, you can either boil it or use a sterilizing machine.

4. Best silicone Plate Alternative – Silikong’s Non-Plastic Toddler Plates

If suction bottoms aren’t a must for you, your best bet is the WeeSprout silicone plates for toddlers. 

This plate is ideal if your little one is in between suction plates and the adult dinnerware because you get enough base and still prevent a bit of mess which is awesome.

However, what I loved most about them is they are unbreakable and thus toddler-friendly.

Whether your little one turns their plate into a drum or throws it on the ground for fun, this colorful set stays intact. There is no damage to the floor or loud noises, which is a plus.

If you prefer something you can use to store baby food, you can pick the option with leads. 

5. Best First Spoon – NumNum Gootensils

Just started solids? Then you need a spoon to match. Pediatrics recommend the NumNum Gootensil for the first and second stages of feeding. 

This means your child can use the spoons for purees or solid foods. They can even use the spoon as a teether. 

The NumNum spoon helps wean your little one into an independent eater because it has a flat design that takes away the stress of figuring out how to scoop or balance food.

It has a somewhat thick handle which prepares your baby to handle adult dinnerware with ease when the time comes. 

Although it’s dishwasher safe, don’t steam or microwave the spoon. 

6. Best Toddler Spoon and Fork – Munchkin Raise Toddler Fork and Spoon

The Munchkin Raise toddler fork and spoon is a combination of plastic and stainless steel, a great way to introduce your little one to adult cutlery. 

The plastic base is familiar since they have previously used plastic or silicone, while the stainless steel prepares them to use the forks and spoons like an adult.

Luckily, these non-toxic utensils fit your little one’s hands and mouth perfectly, so they don’t struggle to hold or bite their food. 

It also comes with a base to keep the spoon’s tip off the table or floor if your baby drops it. Depending on your needs, you can get it in a four-pack or six-pack set.

7. Best Toddler Stainless Steel Set – Avancy Stainless Steel Toddler Feeding Divided Plate, Bowl, and Spoon

Having stainless steel baby feeding utensils is your best option if you aren’t a silicon fan. This insulated 18/8 bowl from Avachi ensures no heat transfer, so your baby’s hands don’t burn while they eat.

The bowl and divided plate offer a silicon suction base for those with a messy toddler, but you don’t have to use this if your little one doesn’t make a huge mess during mealtimes. 

The bowl comes with an airtight lid so you can feed your baby fresh food even when you are on the go. 

Because they are stainless steel, they are easy to clean and last a lifetime even with all the banging and dropping that comes with feeding toddlers.

Frequently Asked Question when buying the best non-toxic baby feeding utensils.

1. Are silicone spoons safe for baby?

Silicon spoons are safer for your baby because, compared to plastics, they don’t have toxic chemicals leaching from them when heated. Manufacturers use food-grade silicone to make baby spoons and follow strict guidelines by the government and FDA. It’s also shatterproof, which means it will persevere and survive all the abuse that comes with feeding kids. Think of biting, throwing, and hitting. 

2. Is bamboo or silicone better?

What we love most about bamboo is that it’s a natural product. You are certain it doesn’t have chemicals and is thus safe for your munchkin. However, it’s been argued that silicone lasts longer than bamboo because of its anti-scratch, heat resistance, and lightweight properties.

Be that as it may, bamboo can last just as long if well taken care of. When washing, use warm soapy water, avoid heat and microwaves, and regularly oil the utensil for preservation. 

Also, interacting with natural products is said to help babies keep in touch with nature which could arguably make bamboo utensils better. 

Whether bamboo or silicone is better depends on your preference.

3. What cookware should I avoid when preparing non-toxic food for babies?

The cookware to avoid includes non-stick pans, aluminum, and heating your baby’s food in plastic containers. Instead, use stainless steel and cast iron. Use your baby’s non-toxic feeding plates and bowls for storage, especially if they have leads. Glass jars are also a great storage option.

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