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Choosing the Best Airplanes for Kids: Fun and Development

Play is an integral part of your child’s development which makes sense to look for the best airplanes for kids. As you may know, it’s through their playtime that kids acquire the necessary skills that will help them later in life. It promotes the development of their cognitive, motor, and social skills while providing tons of fun. If you notice that your kid shows an affinity towards aviation, you can further their passion by investing in airplane toys.

Many manufacturers have product lines to suit every passion. Whether it is army airplane toys or casual play, you can check at your local retailer to identify the correct fit. Before you get on the internet to purchase one, there are specific guidelines you need to follow to determine the best airplanes for kids.

Our Top Picks for Best Airplanes for Kids Picks

Best Toy Airplanes for Kids to Buy

Most Interactive (0-6 Years)

1. Green Toys Airplane and Book Set

The Green Toys Airplane and book set is a great starter toy for children of ages one and above. It comes with a toy airplane accompanied by an alphabet book that helps your child start developing their reading skills early. Keeping in line with the toy manufacturer’s safety guidelines, the product is PVC and phthalates-free. In fact, its main material is recycled milk jugs and paper.

This means your child is not at risk of exposure to harmful materials. Green toys airplane comes in an assortment of colors, making them an ideal fixture with many playroom decors. Most childcare professionals recommend this toy as it encourages pretend play allowing your child to spend hours imagining being a pilot. The plane also comes with a movable propeller, which adds to the excitement of your child. This toy’s design allows for use in multiple play spaces, including as a carry-on toy for your child during those long-haul flights.

To further reduce the risk of choking, the plane has all big parts. With dimensions of 12.5 X 8.75 X 5 inches and a net weight of half a kilo, the toy is the perfect size to promote grasping and light enough for your child to move it around.

2. DolliBu Bi-plane Bath Squitter

Bath time can always be a hectic affair when dealing with toddlers. However, with the Dollibu bi-plane birth squitter, you can make each bath time session an event that your child looks forward to. The plane is made of rubber and comes with a squirt hole at the front, through which your child can shoot jets of water anytime they squeeze it. Rubber dying takes place during the manufacturing process. This may seem trivial but it helps avoid any color running when your little one takes the airplane in the tub or pool.

At only three inches, the toy is perfect for kids as young as three months old. The plane has round edges to increase your kid’s safety. The lack of any movable parts also adds to the impressive safety features of this toy. That is why it is one of the best airplanes for kids, attaining a rating of four stars on Amazon.

The plane is also very easy to clean, as all it takes is a good rinse and a hefty squeeze to remove any water left inside the toy. Your child can also use this toy while at the pool or beach, given its rubber design. Most parents prefer this toy as it can even double-up as a cake decoration or bedroom accessory for your child.

3. Brio World Wooden Airplane

The Brio World 33306 wooden airplane adds more fun to toy airplanes, given its multi-use functionality. It comes with five pieces that include the plane, suitcase, pilot, passenger, and a rolling staircase. Your child can play with the aircraft without the extra accessories or use the other individual parts in different play scenarios.

Due to the detachable pieces, this toy is best for kids over 3 years. All the wooden characters are durable enough to withstand all forms of rough play. Parents and daycare providers report that the toy is integral in developing your child’s eye-hand coordination and motor skills. Whether as a solo toy or cooperative play, the Brio World wooden play effectively promotes communication and social skills in children.

All the materials used in this product’s manufacture adhere to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) set safety standards. The wood is recycled, and the ink used for the color scheme is soy-based.

Best for Social Play (0-6 Years)

1. Kidsthrill Friction Powered Miniplanes

The three-piece push-and-go planes are great developmental tools for children between three to seven years of age. They come incorporated with sound and lighting technology that simulates the real jet experience.

Every purchase of the toy gets you a blue, grey, and yellow jet along with batteries for the lights and sound mechanism in the planes’ body. They use recycled plastic that does not contain bisphenol A or any banned substances on the CPSC list. The design is also free from any sharp edges that may injure your child, making them a safe toy for your child.

The hard plastic used for the plane’s body is tough enough to withstand rough play that is common in children of three and four years. The battery casing also features are child-proof lock, which prevents your young one from accidentally exposing the batteries. Should the play get too noisy, you can remove the batteries, and the planes can still move with a slight drag back.

KidsThrill friction-powered airplane toys come highly recommended because they help improve your child’s motor skills as well as their imagination. Given their reasonable price and long-lasting nature, they make a worthy investment for any parent looking for a toy for the long run.

2. LEGO Duplo Town Airport

As your child grows, you can further their imagination and creative skills by getting them the Lego Duplo Town Airport Set. It features twenty-nine large building blocks that your child can attach and create their little airport. Among the pre-modeled building blocks are a control tower, three airport staff, a luggage chute, and a plane that they can assemble.

As is typical with LEGO, all the materials incorporate a plastic design that is free of any toxic chemicals that may harm your child. To further enhance your child’s safety, the blocks are large enough such that they are unable to be swallowed should such an event arise. The LEGO Duplo Town Airport set is recommended for children between the ages of two and seven years. It makes for an ideal toy for either solo or cooperative play, ensuring that your child is busy for hours on end.

Best Value for Money

1. Kiddie Land Disney –Themed Ride-on Push Planes

Regardless of age, exercise is an integral part of human development. You can engage your child in the activity by getting them any of the Disney-themed ride-on push planes. These toys come in all your kid’s favorite cartoon characters such as Dusty from planes, Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, to mention a few.

Let your child exercise around the house as they push along the plane across the floor. The toy is made from durable plastic that can support the weights of children between the ages of two years to 4 years. Along this product line of toy airplanes for kids, you also get sets that play the movie’s theme music as your child moves along across the floor.

The ride-on toys can be used across multiple surfaces such as asphalt, tiles, and cabro, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor play. The only downside with these toys is that children tend to lose interest quickly since the music variety is limited and the age restriction. The Kiddieland Disney-themed Ride-on Push plane offers you the best value for money, as it is not only a toy but can also function as a baby walker.

2. Sesame Street Elmo Airlines activity plane

If Disney is not your child’s favorite, you can also opt for the Sesame Street toy airplanes line. The Elmo activity plane is a favorite among parents, given its interactive nature. The plane comes loaded with most of Elmo’s catchphrases along with a movable propeller and steering wheel. There is also a push handle at the back of the seat, which is just the right height for your child to move the plane across different house surfaces.

The plane has no sharp edges in its design, making it safe for children even as young as two years old. The propeller is made from foam and has led lighting incorporated in the blades to provide a fantastic light show. A mini Elmo is also seated at the front of the toy airplane. And will move each time a sound or music is triggered to play.

Best airplanes for kids aged (6 years and above)

1. Lego Technic Rescue Helicopter

If you want to further your own or your child’s creativity, it is worth investing in this 325-piece LEGO building set. The appealing thing about this LEGO set is the fact that you can also integrate with other Lego building kits to make for more comprehensive creations.

It comes with movable parts such as the rotor, stretcher ad mechanical winch. The skill required to build the complete set provides a fun-filled DIY engineering activity that will leave all of you engaged for a long time. With an average rating of 4.8 on Amazon, the Lego technic rescue helicopter is undoubtedly a hit among parents and kids eight years and above.

2. Diggin Real Flyers Shark Glider plane.

The Styrofoam shark glider plane is excellent for outdoor play for children above six years. Its aerodynamic design allows the aircraft to be thrown for distances up to twenty-five meters. Shark gliders are known for their crash resistance and a long wingspan that will enable them to maintain flight for long distances.

These toys require no battery to operate and can be put to use by throwing them at an angle into the wind. The preferred settings for these toys are at the beach or park for hours of enjoyment.

3. Poco Divo Apache Gyro Military Helicopter

If you are an army veteran and your child shows an interest in all things military, you can buy them the Poco Divo apache gyro military helicopter. There are plenty of army airplane toys, but not many can reach the Poco Divo Apache helicopter’s versatility. The unit features dual propellers and a gyroscope that stabilizes the toy while in flight. The dual-channel infrared remote is capable of controlling two devices at a time.

The body is a mixture of metal and plastic parts sturdy enough to withstand any unforeseen crashes. The helicopter comes fully assembled and also has a lithium-polymer that is rechargeable via USB. You will need to purchase separate batteries for the remote control. On a full charge, the toy can sustain a flight time of about ten minutes.

Most Durable Airplane For Kids

1. Bootaa 2 Pack Airplane Toys

If the Diggin Real Flyer type of toys does not tickle your fancy, you can try out the BooTaa Airplane Toys. The planes are designed to fly in two directions, either in glider mode or reverse flight mode. The entire kit contains two glider planes and a detachable wing on the tail that controls the flight mode.

The planes are made from a light polymer that is both eco-friendly and free of toxins harmful to your child. All the units do not require any battery to operate, just the sheer power from your child’s arm to get the planes in the air. The toys are excellent outdoor accessories for use either at the park, beach, or backyard of your house.

2. Volantrex RC remote control airplane

As your child advances with their airplane passion, you can further their interest with the Volantrex RC remote control plane. It comes fully assembled and only requires batteries inserted in the remote transmitter to begin the flying adventure. The remote features two control buttons, one for throttle and the other for maneuverability, making it the ideal toy for most beginners. It also comes with three flying modes, beginner, intermediate, and expert, which advance as your child becomes more competent with controlling the plane.

The remote can control the play from as far a distance as two hundred meters, and the batteries can last for a flying time of twenty minutes. The plane is portable enough to carry around, and you can find kids of all ages flying them around in parks, beaches, and their backyards. The Voltanrex RC remote control plane makes a fantastic toy for flight enthusiasts of all ages.

What Are the Main Factors to Consider Before Buying Best Airplanes for Kids?

1. How Safe Is the Toy for Your Child?

Your child’s safety should be your utmost priority. Unlike toys of past years, the ones available in the market today come with lots of mechanical parts that may get dislodged or pose a potential risk for your child. Toys that require you to have an installation kit may be too complicated for your child and can easily bore them.

Toy manufacturers need to abide by specific safety requirements, and they obtain certifications for passing these safety tests. Each airplane toy manufacturer has the mandate to display all the warnings necessary to ensure your child’s safety. Always make sure you read the fine print before making any purchase of airplane toys.

You should also consider the materials used to create the toy, as certain materials can be extremely toxic to your growing child. Materials such as PVC, Phthalates, and BPA contain chemicals that may harm your child’s development by causing conditions such as asthma.

2. When Is the Right Age to Introduce Toy Airplanes for Kids?

As your child continues to grow, so do their skills in coordination and mental ability. The best time to introduce your kids to airplane toys is at around two years. By this time, your child can perform simple tasks such as crawling and grasping with ease. They also have the capability of make-belief playing, which is essential when using an airplane toy.

However, it should be noted that the toy’s complexity is also a critical factor in determining what you buy. Go for simpler toys such as the green toys airplane and gradually scale up as they continue to grow.

3. Battery-Powered or Mechanical Power?

Toys now come with different operation modes. They can either use electric motors or your child’s energy for movement. Depending on your child’s age, the type of airplane toys that you use will determine what skill it ultimately develops. When your child is younger, physical toys are the better choice, given that they enhance their coordination and motor ability skills.

As communities become more crowded, the allocation of space for play is diminishing with every new building. As you go about buying toys for your child, make sure you account for these two factors. Children are more active between the ages of two and five than they would be in their later years. To better promote their motor skills, focus on toys that require minimal space for use but still contribute to developing these vital skills.

4. How Much Should You Spend on Airplane Toys?

You do not need to break the bank when purchasing toys for your child. Keep in mind that this may be a fad for the time being, and preferences may change as they grow up. It is wise to consider budget-friendly toys at the beginning and only increase your spending as the interest becomes greater. Many toy manufacturers have budget options that also offer the same amount of enjoyment as high-end devices.


When it comes to selecting the best airplanes for kids, there are several aspects you need to consider before making a purchase. With this review, you can now enter any store with the confidence of getting it right each time. As emphasis grows on embracing digital technology, it is still beneficial to have mechanical toys that promote your child’s necessary skills.

Best Airplanes for Kids FAQ

1. Are there gender-specific airplane toys for children?

Society is increasingly becoming more liberal, and manufacturers are producing more gender-neutral toys. However, you can still get airplane toys in different colors to suit the gender of your child. Check with the manufacturer to establish if they have gender-specific product lines.

2. How can you know if the materials used in the construction of the toy are safe?

Every manufacturer has to display warnings on the packaging to alert the parent of any potential dangers with their products. These include the age recommended for using the product and if there are any small parts that may lead to bodily harm.

Furthermore, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has also outlawed the use of specific materials such as PVC, BPA, and Phthalates in the construction of all toys.

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