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Best Rated Bath Towels on Amazon: Soft and Durable

After a long, hard day at work, a nice (long) bath is like a literal taste of heaven. The effect of baths on our physical and mental health is sometimes sadly underestimated. Yet baths have been shown to offer a sense of relaxation and refreshment that is beneficial to physical and emotional health. And what completes a perfectly relaxing bath? A perfect bath towel, of course! Which is where the best-rated bath towels on amazon come to play.

Whether you have some extra cash to splurge or you’re looking for deals to save some cash, you can certainly find your best bath towels on Amazon. To be clear, the best bath towel means different things for different people. For instance, some people may prefer cotton towels, while others would go for mixed fabrics. Whatever your pleasure, you are likely to find it on Amazon.

Best Rated Bath Towels on Amazon

1. Best Overall Bath Towel Set: Utopia Towels Bath Towel Set

Value for moneySlight shedding
100% cotton
Soft and fluffy

With over 28,000 five-star rated reviews, the Utopia Towels Bath Towel Set is easily among the best bath towels on Amazon. The set of eight includes two 27 inches by 54 inches bath towels, two 16 inches by 28 inches hand towels, and four 12 inches by 12 inches washcloths. Talk about value for money. Each towel is woven using 100% cotton, making them super soft and breathable yet strong and durable.

The Utopia Bath Towel Set is also highly absorbent, making it perfect for daily use. The towels are also lightweight for effective drying and come with a double-stitched hemmed finishing that prevents excess disintegration while washing. They are available in a variety of colors, including teal, plum, sage green, and electric blue, among many others.

2. Best Budget Towel Set: Amazon Basics Quick-Dry Towels

100% cottonProne to shedding
Fast-dryingColored towels can fade
Quick Absorbency

If you are on a journey to save more money effortlessly, this is one of the best deals you will get for bath towels on Amazon. Priced quite affordably, the Amazon Basics Quick-Dry Towels are a set of three towels, including a 54 inch by 30-inch bath towel, a 28 inch by 16-inch hand towel, and a 12 inch by 12-inch washcloth. All three towels are 100% cotton making them soft, durable, and tear-resistant.

This plush set offers quick absorbency, and it has a lightweight construction that allows for fast drying, hence its name. It is also machine washable and can handle frequent laundering from daily use. The set is made in a factory that ensures textiles meet the highest safety and environmental standards. Available in a range of colors, this is certainly the best budget bath towel set.

3. Best Plush Bath Towels: White Classic Luxury Bath Towels

Super soft luxurious feelSlight shedding
DurableNoy very thick
Excellent absorbency

White Classic Luxury Bath Towels will give you that luxury hotel or spa feeling every day, at a fraction of the cost of staying at a luxury hotel or spa. These ultra-soft towels have the majority of five-star reviews due to their plush, luxurious feel. They are made with 100% ring-spun and combed cotton, which weighs 700 GSM, making them soft, plush, durable, quick-drying, and highly absorbent.

There are four large 30 inches by 56 inches bath towels in this set, ensuring there is plenty of space to lounge on by the pool or beach. The edges are reinforced with double-needle embroidered stitching that prevents fraying and ensures long-term use. The towels are machine washable and bleach safe. They come in a color palette that will elevate the style factor of your bedroom.

4. Best 4-Piece Towel Set: Welcome Franklin Premium 4-Piece Bath Towels

100% CottonColor fading
High densityslight shedding

If you are looking for a bath towel set for your home or as a gift, then the Welcome Franklin Premium 4-Piece Bath Towels are your best bet. With over 5000 five-star reviews on Amazon, it’s safe to say many people agree. This set has four 30 inches by 54 inches bath towels. These popcorn textured towels come in a variety of colors that will elevate the look and feel of your bathroom.

This set’s selling point is absorbency. These 100 % premia combed cotton towels have a 600 GSM density, which ensures that the towels are soft and still have incredible absorbency. The towels are also quick-drying, making them excellent for frequent use. They are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that they are manufactured using sustainably sourced and ethically processed textiles.

5. Best Egyptian Cotton Towels: Superior Egyptian Cotton Solid Towel

100% Egyptian cottonProne to fraying
DurableColored towels fade
Machine washable
Large size

Egyptian cotton has historically been the gold standard for the world’s finest linen, and the best of its towels is Superior Egyptian Cotton Solid Towel Set. This two-piece set comes in over 15 solid colors such as latte, rust, and seafoam. Its state-of-the-art design features decorative textured rope borders. It also has woven dobby borders that add texture and durability.

This pure Egyptian cotton bath towel set is plush and soft yet strong and durable. The towels are larger than the standard size, measuring 30 inches by 55 inches. As they are colorfast, the towels don’t need highly specialized care beyond following care label instructions. They are also Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that the textiles and fabrics are sustainably sourced and ethically processed.

6. Best Extra Large Towel: Cotton Paradise Oversize Bath Sheet

100% genuine Turkish cottonToo much link
Ultra-softFades over time
Super absorbent

The Cotton Paradise Oversize Bath Sheet is by far the best extra-large bath towel on Amazon. With over 20,000 five-star rated reviews, it’s clear others agree. For most bath towels large can be relative depending on the person using it. However, this oversize bath sheet measuring 40 inches by 80 inches can cover people of any size. The 100% genuine Turkish cotton also makes it breathable, soft, and plush.

This bath sheet is made using 650 GSM yarn that is tightly packed together to make it super absorbent. This thicker yarn is double-stitched along the lengths and layers, making this towel thicker than normal, thereby more comfortable and durable. Bath sheets are machine washable and come in 13 colors, giving you a luxury experience in the comfort of your home.

7. Best Organic Bath Towel: Bioweaves Plush Bath Towels

100% organic cottonToo much link
Highly absorbentMay fray
Soft and fluffy

Most people nowadays are choosing to reduce their exposure to toxins in everyday life. For some, this can look like finding non-toxic utensils for their children, while for others, it can be buying only organic bath towels. If yours is the latter category, then you should certainly consider the Bioweaves Plush Bath Towels.

This 100% organic cotton set comes with two bath towels measuring 30 inches by 58 inches. The towels are eco-friendly as the cotton is sustainably sourced, ethically manufactured, and shipped in recyclable packaging. They are also hypoallergenic as they are free from non-organic chemical dyes and pesticides. These organic bath towels are soft, plush, and highly absorbent, and come in seven colors.

What to Check While Buying The Best Rated Bath Towels on Amazon

Options abound on Amazon, and that is certainly true for bath towels. There are a variety of towels categorized by price, reviews, shape, retailer, brand name, along with a host of other sub-categories. Deciding which one to buy comes down to making decisions on a few critical aspects of the bath towel. Let’s check out a few of those aspects:

1. Material

Bath towels come in a variety of materials. There are cotton, linen, microfiber, polyester, and mixed material towels. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, which you can weigh as you make your decision. For instance, pure cotton is usually the softest and most absorbent but also can be rather expensive. You should also consider any allergies to certain materials before buying the best bath towels on Amazon.

2. Production Highlights 

The specifications of a bath towel can include technical terms that are important in determining which towel to buy. For example, towels can be described as using ring-spun cotton. This means both long and short cotton fibers have been twisted tightly to make strong and smooth towel loops. Always research what these technical terms mean before making a purchase.

3. Weight

A towel’s weight is measured in grams per square meter (GSM). This weight is directly correlated to the density, absorbency, and plush feel of the towel. Anything between 300 and 400 GSM is considered lightweight, 400 to 600 GSM is medium weight, and 600 to 900 GSM is heavyweight. So always consider the weight in relation to your preference as you buy your towel.

4. Cost 

Ultimately, what you are willing to spend on your towels will determine which kind of towels you can get. Always remember that the more expensive towels are not necessarily the best quality ones. If you are on a money-saving journey, you can find great quality towels at affordable prices and even on sales or discount offers. Remember to look through the reviews and take them into account, and with a little patience, you can find great value for your money as you look through the bath towels on Amazon.

5. Reviews

Most people will purchase a particular item after getting opinions about it from their friends and/or family. This is true even when purchasing towels, as they are quite an important purchase in a household. Thankfully, if you are purchasing your towels on Amazon, you can simply read through the reviews for each selected towel. This will give you an idea of its quality.

Best Rated Bath Towels on Amazon FAQ

1. What is a bath sheet, and how does it differ from a bath towel?

A bath sheet is basically an extra-large bath towel. While the dimensions of a standard bath towel range from 27 inches by 52 inches to 30 inches by 56 inches, bath sheets usually are much larger, measuring between 35 inches by 60 inches and 40 inches by 40 inches. This allows for bath sheets to be used as regular bath towels, particularly for larger-sized people, or as beach or pool towels as they have enough room to comfortably lay down.

2. What are the different kinds of cotton bath towels on Amazon?

Cotton is the most preferred material for bath towels as it is generally more absorbent than other materials. There are different kinds of cotton. The difference is based on the length of its staples (fibers) and how fine these staples are. On Amazon, you can find Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, Pima cotton, and Organic cotton. 

3. How often should I wash my bath towel?

Most people wash their towels once a week. This is usually to save time and other resources. Others wash after three or four uses, while others change their towels daily. How often is best will depend on a variety of factors. For instance, if you have been sick, then your towels will need daily changing to avoid cross-contamination. If you had an injury and bled on your towel, then it should be washed immediately for disinfection and to prevent stain formation.

4. When should I replace my towels?

Replacing your towels depends on several factors, such as the quality how often you used them, and how closely you followed the washing instructions. If your towel no longer dries you effectively after a bath, it is probably time to replace it. How about if it has a lingering odor even after washing it? It’s probably time to get it replaced. If it has stains or has started to fray at the edges, it is definitely time to replace it.

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